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Benefits of Using a Camping Pad

Are you a camping enthusiast? After you have bought a sleeping bag and a tent, the next most important item you must consider is a camping pad. A comfortable cushioned mattress makes a difference between a good nights sleep where you wake refreshed in the morning, or, a rough night without sleep and waking up tired and grumpy. Waking up refreshed makes a difference to how much you will enjoy the coming day…

Some people may consider a sleeping pad or an air mattress to be a necessity, whilst others still think they are an optional choice. For people who have used them, they say with certainty they are worth the expense and simply wouldn’t consider going camping without one.

What are the primary benefits of a camping pad:

they add a layer of installation against hard ground
add comfort
additional warmth
help to maintain body temperature
keep you dry
They are a useful add-on when you need comfort and keep warm. One of the biggest risks when camping in cold temperatures is hypothermia. A camping pad ads an extra layer of insulation and cushioning to help the body maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

When you start your search for a camping pad these two elements, cushioning and insulation are the number one factor to keep in mind when purchasing one. However there are other important features to keep in mind when you are aiming to make your purchase.

1) How much cushioning will you need? Are you a thin or larger person?

2) Take into account the size of your sleeping bag, the length and width

3) How much does the pad weigh and how well does it compress down?

4) Does the pad inflate or deflate quickly? Is it self inflating or do you need to pump it up?

Types of Camping Pads

Air Mattresses

An inflatable air mattress provides a much greater degree of comfort and are much thicker than a foam pad. These are perfect car camping and are pretty close to a real bed. You can even take your regular sheets along and your favourite pillow… They are extremely comfortable and quick to inflate with a portable air pump. The downside is they are bulky and heavy and lack good insulating properties, so they are suitable for mild conditions only.

Foam Pads

These are simply foam pads, featuring high density foam with tiny closed air cells. It is a perfect backpacking and are lightweight, durable, inexpensive and provide excellent insulation. Neither do they absorb water which is a bonus when camping. The only downside to using a foam pad when camping is not very comfortable.

Air Camping Pad

An air camping pad can either be self inflatable or manually inflated, some actual when you buy one that you get a self inflating pad, they are much easier to use.

They are lightweight and comfortable and provide a perfect solution for backpacking and camping. Many of these camping pads have integrated insulation or reflective materials to provide extra insulation benefits.

They deflate down and roll up to a small lightweight size and are generally stored in a stuff sack.The only downside to using an air pad is they can be ripped or punctured. Generally an emergency repair kit is included.

Camping Pad Length And Width

Make sure you fit on the pad. Your shoulders and hips need to fit on the pad. A regular sized pad is anywhere from 72 to 78 inches long and will help to keep your legs and feet warm which is a big plus on those chilly camping trips!

A three-quarter length or short camping pad is generally around 47 to 48 inches in length and consequently packs down smaller and weighs less.

The majority of camping pads offer a standard width of 20 inches. You can get wider pads of 25 or 30 inches and whether or not you purchase one of these will depend on your size.

You can purchase rectangular or mummy shaped pads depending on your needs. Some camping pads will incorporate a textured surface to reduce the likelihood if you sliding around on the camping pad

Claire Rathausky loves camping with her family and has introduced her children to the fun of the great outdoors.

For many years she traveled around the world backpacking and experiencing many adventures along the way. She discovered buying a top quality sleeping bag and accessories made the whole experience much more fun and comfortable.

How to Save Tons of Money on Food

You are on vacation in some foreign place, and your stomach starts growling because it is time to eat, however you look at your wallet and realize you don’t have much money left, so what should you do? Some people underestimate on how much food can cost you when travelling abroad. Therefore it is critical to ensure you budget yourself so that you have enough money for your food and drinks! Here are some great tips for budget travel on how to save tons of money on food.

Tip 1.) Eat at the local establishments and not at the hotels or fancy restaurants

One big money saving tip for food and beverages, is to eat at the local establishments, instead of at the hotels or fancy restaurants. Eating at hotels and fancy restaurants, typically are very expensive, and limited with choice and portions. By eating where the locals are eating, you will be guaranteed to have the most authentic culinary experience, along with the most affordable prices. This is very true when you travel to Asia, where you will probably get the best food at cheap prices at the street stall food vendors and “mom and pop” restaurants.

Tip 2.) For alcoholic beverages, drink at bars and pubs during happy hours

Many times if you go to the bars and pubs at the happy hour timings, you will get substantial discounts on your alcoholic drinks. Such perks include discounts on drinks, and even one for one drinks, which means buy one drink and get the other for free. Typical happy hour timings happen around lunch time, and also around the rush hour time after work, which is about 5:00pm until 8:00pm (depending on which city you are visiting). This is also a great way to mingle around with the locals.

Tip 3.) Cook your own meals

If you are staying at a place that has a kitchen facility for you to do your own cooking, then buying groceries and cooking your own meals maybe an option for you. Buying your groceries can definitely save you a lot of money, and also is a great way to experience the local fresh produce markets, and grocery stores.

Traveling is an excellent opportunity to sample different foods from different countries. It is a great way to experience cultures from different places of the world. By following these simple budget travel tips, you will be able to save tons of money on food and drinks, and also be able to have a more authentic travel experience.

Availing Cheap Airfare to Travel Destinations

Traveling is diversion from the people’s busy working schedule and thoughtful for their home. But, since traveling might prove costly, some of us may afford it. Hence, if you wish to travel, however, having restricted budget, you must discover an inexpensive airfare. The cheap airfare would help you in traveling and enjoying a good vacation.

You can avail cheap airfare to travel destination by following these tips and tricks:

1. Find out the place you desire to visit and choose for the action you wish for in such a site.

2. Search for cheapest airfare online for your selected place, but pick flexible departure and arrival flights date. Persisting on precise departure and arrival flights date for flying would cost you more.

3. Flights must be booked several weeks before the vacation. It may lead to cheap airfare. It is because some travelers have bought the tickets plus the airlines don’t determine the flights popularity in that period.

4. Book the round trip flight instead of one-way flight. Nearly same taxes are applied in both cases, and therefore one-way flight generally become much costly than round trip flights. Also, the promotional rates are applied to the round trip flight and are always easy to find economical airfare for the round trip flight.

5. Airlines booking on chief airports cost you higher thus; try to book your flights from nearest airport. It will cost you slight to drive to smaller and nearby airports, but having your flights from major airports would certainly cost you more.

6. Shun flying a day prior to any holiday. Some weeks before otherwise the similar day of holiday generally have lesser passengers and hence you may find economical airfare in those traveling dates.

7.You might find airfare cheap if traveling in weekdays. It is popular to travel on the weekends; therefore if traveling on weekday, you might generally find cheap airfare.

Traveling is my passion and providing useful information is my hobby. A tip from me: availing cheap tickets is very important to make your trip within budget. I will share more information soon, keep reading.

Airline Travel Tips to Follow Before Boarding a Flight

Are you planning to fly to your place of interest anytime soon? Well, before you plan your holiday, it is very essential to bear in mind certain important things to avoid any last-minute hassles and make your vacation a memorable one. Following travel and luggage tips will help you plan your tour in a better way:

1) Airline

• If you have planned your tour during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, it is better to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure. This is because these weeks are the busiest times of the year and the security check lines are very long. Similarly, most airports are extremely crowded on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

• In order to reduce the possibilities of a delay, it is advisable to prefer a non-stop flight over a break flight. As the air traffic is comparatively less in morning, the early morning flights are very less likely to be delayed.

• At the security check of almost all the airports, passengers are asked to remove their footwear. Therefore, it is always better to wear clean socks and slip-on shoes.

• As the passengers are required to furnish their identification proof several times before boarding, make sure you carry a lanyard with a plastic passport holder. This will ensure easy I.D. access.

2) Luggage:

• As the fee charged for checked bags vary between different airlines, make sure you enquire about the baggage rates with the particular airline.

• Never wrap your packages.

• Carry essentials, such as electronics, medications, and other valuable items, in your carry-on luggage.

• Make sure you have labeled all your checked and carry-on baggage with your name or initials and your contact details. For easy and quick identification of your luggage, you can tie a colorful satin ribbon on the handle of each luggage piece. This will help you easily differentiate your luggage from that of your co-passengers.

• Do not lock your bags as the lock might be cut off of your baggage for random inspection by the Transportation Security Administration. If you still wish to lock your bags, use the TSA approved locks instead of the normal ones.

• If you are carrying your laptop computer along with you, bear in mind that you will be asked to remove it from its case and put it through the X-Ray machine. Therefore, come prepared accordingly.

• If you are having with you prescription medicines, baby formula, breast milk, or diabetic nutritional supplements, do not forget to declare the same at the check point.

• Gels, pastes, or liquids should be placed in one quart (1 liter) plastic bag and packed in the carry-on luggage.

The above airline travel tips will definitely help you prepare yourself well before you finally board a flight to your destination.

Tips and Guide For Budget Travelers

Budget travelers generally look for various ways to cut down the cost and save as much cash as they can while travelling. It is a very good and wise effort because it does not mean that you have to compromise on fun factor or enjoyment factor of your travel. There are in fact many ways to save money on travel. And with few tips and guides, considerable amount of cash can be safe.

•Firstly, you can have alternative in form of economic air travel and international travel. You can easily find cheap airfares and save lot of money on cheap travel.
•You can find good accommodation in budget hotels or hostels. Hostels are best way to have fun at much reduced price. Most of the hostels are very economical and provide good social atmosphere.
•It is best to make advance booking for accommodation and other services.
•Local sightseeing in travel and tourists buses cost much less than hiring private cars and wagons.
•Another easy but one of the effective way to have easy and budget travel is to pack light and carry only required luggage.

•This will help in free movement as well as no extra cost has to be paid for luggage at airports, neither have you needed any help to carry them and give tip money.
•You have to set the priority which should include travel items, trips, goals and the destinations that you really desire to visit. Thus planning is the most important aspect for any budget travelers.