When you crave for the best adventure travel, you got to have time for it because it takes several days travel for it to become a real adventure. If you are employed and you only have a day or two to spare, forget it and just take your regular travel package which takes between two to four days.

When I was younger, I was fond of adventure travel, but since I was employed then, I was only allowed 15 days of vacation leave and time was so tight I had to do several things within the 15 day time frame. It was a dream and several years later, it is still a dream. Now that I am self-employed and have lots of time, it doesn’t appeal to me as much as it used to because I am already old and my travel preferences have changed. Yes I have experienced it in my younger days though it was done locally in nearby places. To those die-hard adventure travelers, here are several tips to guide you to a trouble free trip:

Make sure you have enough time to spare. One week should be the minimum. Why? This kind of travel involves a lot of walking, trekking or hiking and it takes time before you can get to your destination. Savor the panoramic scenery and excitement as you go along the way.
The best adventure travel doesn’t come in cheap. This is not your regular package so make sure you search the web thoroughly for discounts. Join several budget travel group to dramatically reduce your cost. Besides it’s a lot more fun if you travel with a big group.
Increase your discounts by reading affiliate marketing blogs. This is one of the most important thing you have to do. Choose the best travel membership site on the web, become a member and enjoy bigger discounts. These sites are one stop shops catered for travelers and membership fees are normally cheap and what you spend, you can recover it through discounts, bonuses and other freebies